Welcoming XKI to the DEXs

Ki has undergone one of its most important upgrade, opening the gates to the communication between the Ki Chain and other Cosmos SDK powered Blockchains.

So without further ado here is our Simple guide on how to Buy, Trade, stake all in one short Medium article.

Buying XKI/LPing/Staking requires the following.

  1. Download Keplr wallet.
  2. Download Ki-Desktop wallet.
  3. 2. Create a new wallet + back up your wallet (Secure/write down your pass phrase)
  4. 3. Buy mainnet $XKI on Osmosis with $ATOM.

Tutorial 1. Buy XKI on Osmosis.

  1. Send ATOM to your Cosmos wallet address on Keprl. This is the web3 wallet that interacts with Cosmos eco-system. Think of it as the Metamask of Cosmos.
  2. Now you can deposit that ATOM using IBC transfer in to Osmosis like the following image.

(Assets tab on Osmosis)

3. Once you have you ATOM showing in the ASSETS page on Osmosis you can now swap that to any of the coins listed on its exchange. Since your ATOM is now turned in to a readable Osmosis ATOM coin, it can be swapped around easily with the beauty of IBC technology.

4. Now time to swap ATOM/XKI. Simply go to TRADE on the left hand side and swap coin like you used to do on Uniswap. But this is better :).

5. And there you have it. You now have bought XKI using a DEX for the first time. Amazing. Want to learn more? READ ON.

Tutorial 2. LPing your XKI to earn fees on txs and FARM $OSMO

Liquidity Providing

Providing liquidity (called “LPing”) is the process of depositing assets into an AMM pool. AMMs are decentralised finance protocols that allow for the swapping of assets without a centralised intermediary. Just as trading firms make traditional markets, AMMs establish prices and facilitate trades using permissionless liquidity pools into which users can deposit assets. read more here on things like impermanent losses ect. THERE IS ALWAYS A RISK so please do your own research on this before you commit to putting any of your hard earned crypto on dexs

  1. Provide liquidity to pools by taking both XKI/OSMO at a 50/50 split and inject that in to the following pool. We shall be using POOL 577 in this tutorial.

2. Click on Add/Remove Liquidity to then inject your amount you wish to LP

We have a small amount available to LP in this example.

3. Click Add Liquidity and submit the TX.

once finished you shall see this appear. If it fails play around with the ‘edit gas’ feature on Keprl wallet and maybe increase the amount of gas a little more to push it through. We recommend just sticking to the medium gas option.

4. Once complete you will see in POOL 577 a positive balance showing below My liquidity.

5. At the time of writing the incentives aren't open for this pool yet but once they are you will then have the option to take that LPd amount and get a LP token and click ‘Start Earning’ which will then start earning you APYs paid out daily in the form of OSMO straight in to your Keprl Wallet under Osmosis. You do not have to click claim or anything. Amazing right? Want to learn one more thing? READ ON ONE LAST TIME. :)

Tutorial 3. To stake/delegate your $XKI, follow these steps:

  1. Transfer mainnet $XKI to your Ki-Desktop-Wallet address (Make sure the wallet is backed up!)
  2. Choose a validator from one of the following listed on the network.

3. Help secure the network and provide XKI by staking to One of the listed validators. We have shown you how to delegate to us if you would like to contribute to our validator for contributing to Ki-Network.

Final Thoughts.

As always if you have any further questions regarding our tutorials please do not hesitate to ping us on our Discord Twitter we are in the process of building a nice TG account that will work with our Discord Server so please stay tuned for that.

Thanks for reading and hope to meet some new supporters of this amazing network soon





Highlander Nodes is a dev contributor to the Juno-Network. We also contribute to other chains that we are validating within the Cosmos Eco-System

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Highlander | Chaintools

Highlander | Chaintools

Highlander Nodes is a dev contributor to the Juno-Network. We also contribute to other chains that we are validating within the Cosmos Eco-System

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