Buying & Staking $CMDX (Comdex) pt 2

Today we will now switch to showing you how to stake $CMDX with Cosmostation. Same process as our last tutorial for buying Comdex but the LBP is over and now its available to purchase using the trade section on So lets crack on !!!

  1. Head over to and make sure your keplr wallet is connected.

2. Swap Any of your assets for $CMDX. Doesn't need to be Osmosis (remember that).

3. Withdraw $CMDX from Osmosis using the IBC transfer. In short IBC is the tool that is now in Cosmos that allows the transfer of Tokens (plus more) in and out of other Cosmos chains that have it enabled.

5. Enable Comdex chain to your Keplr Wallet by clicking WITHDRAW

Select the amount you want to withdraw.

$NOTE this is where you usually need to have a positive $OSMO balance but recently you may of noticed that it actually doesn’t cost any $OSMO fees at all right now. This might change so we advice having a positive $OSMO balance in your wallet just incase.

Well done you now have $CMDX token sent to Keprl and you are now ready for the final step STAKING !!!

Guide to set up your Cosmostation wallet and stake $CMDX

Step 1: Download the Cosmostation app on the phone or go to if you’re on the desktop.

Step 2: Select connect wallet on the top right corner, in the next pop-up, select keystation or select ledger if you want to connect your ledger.

Step 3: For now, we will select — connect to Keystation and import your Keplr wallet by entering your name and Keplr seed phrase.

Step 4: In the next step you would require to enter a key that would keep your wallet secure.

Step 5: After successful connection, select the cosmos network on the top right and select the CMDX chain.

Step 6:Approve the next pop-up and then you should be connected to the CMDX chain on cosmostation.

Step 7:Now to delegate your $CMDX tokens, click on the “Delegate” button and select a validator with whom you want to delegate.

Step 8: Enter the amount you want to delegate and click “Generate and Sign Transaction”.

Step 9: After the transaction, you will get a successful transaction receipt.

Well done you have got there and you are now earning rewards claimable at anytime. Our advice is to compound interest this. Keep staking your rewards and they will surely build up over time. Comdex at the time of writing offers high apr on staking.

Good luck and thank you for staking with Highlander Nodes if you choose us !!! :)




Highlander Nodes is a dev contributor to the Juno-Network. We also contribute to other chains that we are validating within the Cosmos Eco-System

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Highlander | Chaintools

Highlander | Chaintools

Highlander Nodes is a dev contributor to the Juno-Network. We also contribute to other chains that we are validating within the Cosmos Eco-System

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